Terms and Condition

Hafan Hollandeg

These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time, and apply to all of our services. By completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below.

Key information:
The following information has been provided for your assistance and safety and should be read in conjunction with your Booking Conditions. Whether you’re planning a short stay of a longer stay, you’ll be looking forward to the experience. Here are the answers to many of the questions that are asked…everything from when to arrive to how to care for the environment when you’re there. We’ve tried to cover the most common questions asked, though obviously, you may have some questions which only the property’s caretaker can answer. If so, please contact them on the number or email found on the website.

Arriving and departing
Except for short stays, all bookings run weekly from Saturday to Saturday, unless otherwise stated. When you have paid for your booking in full, you will be sent details of how to find your property, contact details, for the owner or caretaker and where to collect the keys on arrival. Please advise the caretaker of your estimated arrival time, which should normally be after 4pm. On your departure day, you are required to leave your property by 10am. This is to allow the caretaker sufficient time to prepare the property for the next arrivals.

House Book
When you arrive, look out for the House Book displayed in your property and please read it carefully. It contain all the information you’ll need for an enjoyable and safe stay. If you require any additional information, please ask the caretaker.

You must not leave children unsupervised in the garden.

The property is cleaned between lets so all you need to do when you get there is unpack and put the kettle on. There is no extra charge for cleaning, unless extra, heavy cleaning is required after you Leave, or you do not leave the property and its contents as you found it.

Sleeping arrangements, bed linen and towels
The property description show the ‘actual’ number that a property will sleep, based on a maximum of one or two people in a room. Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons indicated occupy the property. If the owner or housekeeper believes that there are more than the stated number of occupants, they have the right to ask you to leave the property immediately and has the right to retain the full amount paid and the security bond. The property owners provide linen at no extra cost, this does not include cot linen – you should bring linen for cots in all cases (including pillow and blankets or duvets).

The property has a standard TV with Sky package.

Security deposit
You are required to make a payment of a security deposit one month prior to your stay. The security deposit will be refunded by the owners within two weeks after your stay if the property is left in an acceptable condition. If the property is left in an unacceptable condition with breakages, extra cleaning or over occupancy then the owner has the right to retain the security bond.

Property with character
Please read the property description carefully to make sure that the property is suitable for your party. In rural locations, people around you will often be earning their living and country hours can run into the late evening and very early morning. So be tolerant when it comes to sounds and scents – it’s all part of being in the country! It is also worth noting that this property is decorated and furnished according to the individual’s owner’s taste.

Special requirements
Please note that ‘special occasions’ bookings are accepted on the basis that they are no different from a standard booking and you must tell us at the time of booking if celebratory plans involve more people visiting the property than it allows.

Cots and Highchairs
This property offers cots and a highchair free of charge but does not offer any other infant equipment.

Ground floor facilities
A visitor using a walking aid should have no difficulty in gaining access to the principal rooms (sitting room, dining room, kitchen, one of the bedrooms, a toilet and a shower room). Please ensure at the time of booking that the property matches your individual needs, particularly relating to access to the property and gardens. Simply call us and we’ll be happy to give you further details.

We work hard to ensure that you will have an enjoyable stay. However in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your accommodation, then it is very important that you register this straightaway with the caretaker and do not wait until you return home, when the chances of actively helping you has passed. Even if you think nothing could be done to make your situation better, you must say something during your stay.

Booking Conditions:
1. Making your booking
All bookings depend on the property being available. You as the person in charge of the party* (the party* leader) must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking. All other members of the party must authorise you to make the booking on the basis of these conditions. By making the booking, you confirm that you are authorised to make the booking and that all other members of the party agree that the booking will be governed by these conditions. You are responsible for making all payments due to us.
*A party consist of families or couples only. If the owner believes that the party is a hen or a stag due they can refuse to hand over the property to you, or can repossess it. If the owner does this, we will treat this as you cancelling the booking.

As long as the property is available and we have received all the relevant payments, we will give you written confirmation (see below) as soon as reasonably possible. This confirmation will show your booking details and the amount you still owe for the booking. Your binding contract with the owner will begin when we issue the written confirmation.

We will give you your written confirmation either by post or by email. If you book with us online, we will acknowledge that we have received your booking and then send you confirmation by email. If you book by post or phone, we will send your confirmation to you by post unless you tell us at the time of booking that you would prefer it to be provided by email. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly and to let us know about any change to your email address.
As soon as you receive your confirmation, you must check the details carefully. If anything is not correct, you should tell us immediately.

2. Payment
When you book, you should pay the deposit amount then due by BACS or by sending us a cheque. We only accept payment in pounds sterling.

3. Brochure and website details
There may be small differences between the actual property and its description. This is usually because the owner is always aiming to improve services and facilities. Occasionally, problems mean that some facilities or services are not available or may be restricted. If this happens, we will tell you as soon as reasonably practical after we become aware of the situation. Wi-Fi is an advertised facility, please note that its provision is subject to availability and network conditions. It may not be available 24 hours and is provided for pleasure not for business. Bookings are not accepted if they are wholly reliant on the uninterrupted provision of Wi-Fi. We cannot accept responsibility for any changes or closures to local services or attractions mentioned on our website. We make reasonable efforts to make sure that information we give you about your property and its facilities or services, as well as advertised travel and other services, is accurate and complete on the date given. We cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information about the property or its facilities and services, unless this was caused by our negligence.

4. Events beyond our control
Unless we say otherwise in these booking conditions, unfortunately we or service provider will not be legally responsible either jointly or individually for any compensation if we or they are prevented from carrying out our responsibilities under this contract as a result of events beyond our control. This means an event that we or the owner or service provider could not, even with all due care, expect or avoid, including:
• strike, lock-out or labour dispute;
• natural disaster;
• acts of terrorism, war, riot or civil commotion;
• malicious damage;
• keeping to any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction;
• accident;
• breakdown of equipment or machinery;
• insolvency or bankruptcy of an owner or service provider;
• fire, flood, snow or storm;
• difficulty or increased cost in getting workers, goods or transport; and
• other circumstances affecting the supply of goods or services.

5. Your property
Arrival and departure- The owner has set the following conditions on your stay at the property. You can arrive at your property at any time after 4pm (unless we tell you otherwise, for example on your confirmation) on the start date of your rental period. You must leave by 10am on the last day. If your arrival will be delayed beyond 8pm on the start date of your rental period, you must contact the person whose details are given in the location guide. If you fail to do so, you may not be able to get into the property. If you fail to arrive by 12 noon on the day after the start date of your rental period and you do not let the person whose details are given on the location guide know you are arriving late, we may treat your booking as having been cancelled by you. In this situation, we will not refund any money you have paid.

• Security deposits – The amount and details of how the payment should be made and how and when it will be returned (less any costs for breakages, damages etc. if applicable) will be provided at the time of booking.

• You and all members of your party agree to keep the property clean and tidy, to leave the property in a similar condition as you found it when you arrived, and to behave in a way at all times while at the property which does not break any law. You and all members of your party also agree not to use the property for any illegal or commercial purpose, including subletting it or otherwise allowing anyone to stay in it who we have not previously accepted on behalf of the owner. You are responsible to the owner for the actual costs of any breakage or damage in or to the property – along with any extra costs that may result – which are caused by you or any members of your party. The owner can ask for an extra payment from you to cover any related costs.

• The owner can refuse to allow you into the property or ask you to leave if they reasonably believe you or any member of your party (or any other person you have invited to the property) are behaving illegally or antisocially or that any damage is likely to be caused, has been caused or is being caused by the behaviour of you or any members of your party or any person you have invited to the property. We will treat these circumstances as a cancellation by you.

• Maximum occupancy – You also must not allow more people than the brochure/website states to stay overnight in the property. You cannot arrange for visitors to the property – without the advance consent of the Owner. You cannot significantly change the number of adults or children during your stay. (For example, if you book for two adults and two children, you cannot arrive with four adults and no children.) You must not hold events (such as parties, celebrations or meetings) at the property without the advance consent of the owner. If you do any of these things, the owner can refuse to hand over the property to you, or can repossess it. If the owner does this, we will treat this as you cancelling the booking. In these situations you will not receive a refund of any money you have paid for your booking. And we or the owner will not be legally responsible to you as a result of this situation. (This will include, for example, any costs or expenses you have to pay due to not being able to stay in the property, such as the cost of finding other accommodation.) Neither we nor the owner are under any obligation to find any alternative accommodation for you.

• You must allow the owner or their representative (including workmen) access to the property at any reasonable time during your stay (except in an emergency or if a problem needs sorting out quickly and you cannot be contacted in time. In these situations, the owner can enter the property at any time without giving you prior notice).

6. Damage
You will be responsible to the owner for all damage or breakages caused by you and/or (whichever applies) members of your party to the property or its contents (including the cost of any work needed to put this right). This includes responsibility for paying for this damage. The owner can ask for payment from you to cover these costs. If you discover that anything is missing or damaged on arrival please notify the owner/key holder immediately.

7. Special requests
If you have any special requests, you must let us know when you make a booking and confirm them in writing. Although we will try to pass any reasonable requests on to the owner and/or service provider (whichever applies), we cannot guarantee that any request will be met. Confirmation that we have noted a special request or passed it on to the owner or service provider, or of the fact it is shown on your written confirmation or any other document, is not confirmation that the request will be met. If we or the owner fail to meet any special request, it will not mean we or they have broken your contract.

8. Cancellation
In the event of the need for you to cancel your stay, we need to be told in writing and for you to receive confirmation back thus. We will naturally try hard to re-let the period but in the event of us being unsuccessful, you will still be liable for the full rent.